Thursday, 8 September 2016

Summer Wedding Food Essentials: Keeping your Guests Hydrated

The family is flying in to MD, caught a ride on Baltimore charter buses, but when they get out it’s much hotter than expected! Summer’s heat can take a lot out of your, let’s make sure you and your guests are hydrated!

Water is so important to the body’s normal functions that losing just 10% of the body’s water content can cause major health risks. Thankfully our body has ways of telling us we need water, like when we are thirsty. One essential function of water is to control the body’s temperature and in the summer heat during a wedding—there is plenty of ways to make sure everyone is cool, hydrated, and happy!

Cucumbers have the highest water content of all whole foods. Cucumber salad is an easy crunch and cool choice; and can replace crackers and bread in small appetizers, (great for people with gluten allergies.) It doesn’t stop there though, add cucumbers to mixed drinks and mojitos will surely be a crowd pleaser.

Celery is another vegetable with a high water content, 96% actually. Consider making the kids favorite ants on a log to keep the little ones hydrated. They’re always good with bloody marys and in cold salads.

Everyone loves fruit. Watermelon and strawberries are 92% water, so you will be sure to keep your guests hydrated with those sweet treats. A neat way to create a crafty and nice looking fruit arrangement is a watermelon basket filled with watermelon and other juicy fruits. Strawberries not only look nice as a garnish on desserts but when combined with a chocolate fountain are a popular favorite. Grapefruit, cantaloupe, pineapple, and oranges are all also high in water.

Tomatoes is another water filled favorite—caprese salad anyone?

Most of all have plenty of water available, bottled is best so people can take it with them.

Choose a limo service Baltimore loves that provides water on the road as well!

How did you keep your guests nice and cool during the summer wedding?

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