Friday, 9 September 2016

Wedding Flowers that are in Season All Year Round

It’s easy to add color to your wedding during spring. During the early months MD natives will see fields and medians flourishing with the delicate whites of Ox eye daisy and yarrow; the blues of the Bell flowers, vibrant purples from the Phlox family.

But what about a fall wedding, or even winter?

You can still have the beauty you want in your wedding even if the temperature is not right.

It is important to get in touch with your favorite local florist in advance. If you are coming from out of town grab BWI Limo Service and meet with them about season specifics.

Depending on what season you choose to have your wedding during will change the availability and the hence the pricing of certain flowers.

Luckily there are some favorites that are available all year round.

All Season Flowers:

     For something a little different consider succulents. Succulents come in wonderful shades of green and have a unique lush shape to them. They are very adaptable and can handle harsh sun and dry winter heat.

     For an elegant or chic look Daisy Chrysanthemums have a lovely presence. They are simple, sweet and found at any time of the year.

     Looking for a classy and delicate flower? The Calla Lilly takes the cake. Its pure white silky appearance blends in very nicely with traditional weddings.

     If you are searching for an all year inexpensive option there is always the trusty Carnation. The carnation is loved because you have a large variety of color options and look great no matter where they are.

     Of course you can always go with the beloved Rose. This classic scent is sure to fill the wedding venue with love!

     Buying flowers in season can save you a lot of money, turns out you can get the Party Bus Rental Baltimore recommend after all!

What type of flowers did you choose for your wedding? Let us know in the comments!

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